The “C” is for:

Crippling Free Speech

The activists at the Center for Media and Democracy want to silence their political opponents, and they don’t hesitate to publicly slam our First Amendment freedoms.

With a history of far-left advocacy and funding, CMD has consistently demonized the practice of anonymous charitable giving, a form of free speech protected by law.

The truth is, CMD only supports free speech when it’s their own.

The “M” is for:

Moral Flexibility

One of the country’s worst flip-floppers isn’t a politician in Washington, DC—it’s the Center for Media and Democracy in Madison, Wisconsin.

Using its SourceWatch website, CMD regularly attacks free-market advocacy organizations that receive support from businesses and foundations. But CMD isn’t holding itself to the same standard.

Not only does SourceWatch contain favorable, incomplete profiles of CMD’s allies, but the group gladly accepts major gifts from Big Labor bosses and left-wing foundations.

The “D” is for:

Dark Money

The hypocritical CMD has used the term “dark money” to describe private, anonymous donations—as if there is something “dark” or sinister about private giving.

CMD has made its name by maligning groups that receive such private funding. But behind the scenes, they also accept so-called “dark money” donations.

For example, CMD received a $520,000 grant from the Schwab Charitable Gift Fund—one of the nation’s largest donor-advised funds.